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Family reunion in Northern Greece

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TV host, living in Berlin and full-blood Greek!


My Greece

Just love Crete! I was there in May 2014 and I will return in October this year.


I’ll never forget

There are always funny situations happening in Greece that make me chuckle! For example: Greeks don’t like waiting in line. But I hate line-jumpers. So, there often come up interesting debates. And when my family comes together in Thessaloniki, I always recognize that the loudest has the floor. That´s the reason why I often can´t finish my (silent) sentences.


What I remember when I close my eyes

All my life, my family and I always went to Northern Greece in the summer holidays to visit my mother’s family for six weeks. One and a half hour west of Thessaloniki, in the area of Naoussa.  By the way, that´s where one of the world’s best red wines comes from. Yamas!



Naoussa. That´s where one of the world’s best red wines comes from


My favorite taste

As a vegan, I love dolmades, but also baked white beans or potatoes. My mother always makes them with a delightfully smelling vegetable herb side dish. Kali Orexi!


What I took home with me

Beautiful stones and shells from Crete and many herbs and olive oil. Souvenirs to eat!


Next destination

I´ve never been to Rhodes.


*My tip: Chalkidiki is not as crowded with tourists as other parts of Greece or islands and you can make a daytrip to the cozy and beautiful capital Thessaloniki. On Crete I recommend the south coast