Greek scenery to me is all about family!

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My Greece

I have been to many islands but the island I love the most is Mykonos. My husband does a lot of business there so I find myself going every year and spend most of my vacation days there. I find Mykonos an island that has it all. You can pick and choose. Peace out or go wild. Best of both worlds.


I’ll never forget

I guess a memorable experience is meeting my husband. It was July, at Ayios Sostis beach in Mykonos. We played racquets and then I moved in with him. I was thinking to myself that this summer love will soon come to an end and we’ll both come back to reality. Well, we’re still waiting for that day.


Greece gives me a taste of unconditional nurture


What I remember when I close my eyes

Greek scenery to me is all about family. I always envision cooking in my mother’s beautiful rustic kitchen, shouting to each other, expressing love and concerns. Cooking has been always been a way for my family to unite, to connect, to touch base. Greece gives me a taste of unconditional nurture.


My favorite taste

The taste of sea water!




What I took home with me

A new set of memories and pictures.


Next destination

A road trip. Preferably to the mountains to visit some monasteries with my son.


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  • Wallace Sterling

    Mykonos, home of great beaches, is the gateway to the nearby island of DELOS…rich in ruins and history.