Kythnos: it’s a place of unrivalled beauty

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My Greece

The last few years I have discovered the island of Kythnos –or Thermia, as the locals call it– and I go there every summer.  What drew me to the island –apart from its natural beauty, the countless beaches with crystal clear water, the good food and the reasonable prices– was that it has remained largely unspoiled by the negative impact that tourism has. The locals keep the customs and traditions, the celebrations and music to a large extent, and along with these a frankness and simplicity that is rarely found in our times.


I will never forget

Through a friend who had practically grown up with a group of friends on the island I was fortunate enough to experience an impromptu party with them. The guys were grilling meat, the girls were bringing side dishes and salads and the wine flowed freely. It wasn’t long before they brought out their instruments and after dinner the dancing began.

This group of friends was renowned throughout the Cyclades for their dancing prowess and stamina. A characteristic step is vourles, where the man and woman stand opposite each other and spin without letting go of each other’s hands.

I feel lucky I was able to experience this!


When I close my eyes

There is a very narrow pathway starting from the Apokrousi beach leading the main attraction of the island – a beach called Kolones. There, a very narrow stretch of sand has formed connecting two hills. It’s a place of unrivalled beauty. Even the view from the road is enough of a reward.


I took away with me a little of the island’s serenity and the people’s wisdom.


Favourite food

The nice thing about Kythnos is that almost everywhere the food is excellent. One of my favourite places is the Koutsikou taverna at Loutra as well as the Kantri taverna at Agios Stefanos. The island specialty is a type of cheese croquette called sfougato made of local cheese and another delicacy is a different  local soft, tart cheese called xinomyzythra.




My souvenir

I took away with me a little of the island’s serenity and the people’s wisdom.


Next destination

I usually decide at the last minute.