Herakleia: awaking to the most beautiful mornings

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One of the most beautiful places I have ever been is Herakleia. There are no banks, no gas stations, no police stations, no worries, no craftiness and no crowds. I ended up there in the summer of 2010 as I roamed the Cyclades busking. I had been in Naxos for about a week and I wandered down to the port to browse through the leaflets at the travel agencies to find my next destination.


Something I will never forget are the waters in Herakleia Port. One day a bunch of kids were taking running leaps off the quayside and diving into the sea one after the other while I was trying to relax and fish. When I realized there was no way I was going to relax and fish because of the commotion, I decided to do the same as them! I took a running jump and dove into the beautiful waters. I swam quite a bit, and relaxed –or so I thought– and felt tired so I tried to climb out of the water, but tried as I might, I couldn’t find a place to grab onto to lift myself out. I started to panic, banging my hands on the cement quay, I started bleeding and gulping seawater with every attempt. At some point I found a chain and hoisted myself out. But it was too late! I had drowned and didn’t know it! The kids and my girlfriend were bursting with laughter. A little later, one of the kids came up to me and told me how they were able to climb out so easily. Simple! There was ladder on the other side where they were jumping from.


When I close my eyes, in my mind comes the awaking to the most beautiful mornings. Ιn Livadi, right where the waves lick the shore, the moon lulling you to sleep and the break of dawn waking you up!


 I took with me the ten years I gained in three days


I still crave the delicious stingray salad with green onions and raw olive oil we had at a wonderful little taverna perched above the port.




Leaving the island, I took with me as a souvenir the ten years I gained in three days, some pictures and many, many images in my mind!


My next destinations are Crete and Thessaloniki. Wherever you go, if the circumstances are right, especially within you, it will be wonderful!


  • helene

    That is so true. Where you go, if the circumstances are right, especially within you, it will be wonderful! We had an amazing experience discovering some of the Greek Islands. What more than anything else took my breath away was the realisation that the experience exceeded the expectation. Every step, every breath I was in awe. Gasping sighing smiling. We dream of it still, and we talk of it still. Magic is alive still.

  • jaykprime

    Crete is such a wonderful island and contains so much variety and so many different experiences that it will take a very long time to cover much of it. My wife and I have been visiting Crete, on and off, for about 25 years and have only just (this year) discovered the place “never to return to”!
    One of the first places we found was a wonderful small Cretan fishing village, on the north coast near Chania, with just a single hotel and many truly local tavernas.
    According to Tripadvisor the area now contains 45 hotels. We found that many of the Tavernas have been converted into burger bar types, and we will never stay there again!
    Their dedication to the pursuit of god “Tourist” means they’ve destroyed what took us back time after time!
    There is absolutely nothing left to make us think “We must go there again”!
    But hey!! There are thousands of other places in Crete, most of them much less touched by Mammon.