Vacations in Greece: a blessing

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I grew up in Greece so I’ve been pretty much everywhere. But I’ve been living in the US most of my adult life since I left to study in college. As an adult, I’ve recently been to Paros and Milos.

Milos was last summer and Paros two summers ago. I had never been there as a kid and I feel like I rediscovered Greece when I went there. The food, the sand, the sun, the water were fantastic. My wife and I and two kids live in New York and in an overcrowded world, finding those pockets of isolation where eating

amazing food and relaxing on beautiful beaches is not a luxury, and people are not piling up to experience it because it’s so cheap, is a blessing. Last summer we were there in September and it was perfect.




One of the best memories I have, is when we left the kids with my parents for four days and my wife and I went to Psaravolada on Milos in September.

Having access to a secluded beach just for the two of us at sunset was probably the best experience and one we remind each other of whenever we have a tough day.



I can only find that in the US if I go to a five star Greek restaurant in Manhattan and pay 4 times the price!



Living in the US you forget how blue and clear the water in Greece is. I never appreciated this as a kid.

I thought it was the norm. Now I want to drink it or sleep on it.

The best scenery I shared with my wife was in Firiplaka on Milos. We walked the length of the beach with the blue- grey sea water up to our waists and admired the white and pink cliff behind us, the gold-grey sand and a stunning huge rock formation rising from the water.

We must have walked about half a kilometer like this in the water. Very unique and very awe-inspiring.




Grilled octopus and a glass of house red wine with some hand cut fries sprinkled with oregano on the side is my favourite taste.

I can only find that in the US if I go to a five star Greek restaurant in Manhattan and pay 4 times the price!



What I usually take a s a souvenir with me is fresh oven-baked pistachios sautéed in lemon sauce and salt.

My dad knows a guy who has a local business that produces them. We got them straight from the oven. Our friends in NY made them disappear in a week.



I would probably go back to Psaravolada, Milos. It was like having a second honeymoon.