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Ifestia 2015

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Ifestia 2015 is finally an international event and an indisputable fact. The whole island of Santorini participated in this cultural and enlightening journey. At the central square of Oia in front of Panagia Church, people from all around the world held their hands, joined in two big circles and danced, accompanied by Greek traditional music. At the seafront of Kamari village, the attendees experienced an international musical journey with the unique sounds of the contemporary instrument ‘Hang’.

At the traditional settlement of Megalochori, musicians and visitors walked within the traditional paths of the village in order to reach the beautiful, signature bell tower at the central square of the village, were they could live the fulfilment of this unique musical and dancing experience. More and more followers were added on their way, while women from the village were offering traditional sweets and drinks to the musicians and their companion, who were impressed and amazed by the Greek and Santorinian hospitality.

An unparalleled experience at the village of Emporio, where the paths were filled by the sounds of ‘tsampouna’ (aegean bagpipe), zither and flute with the perfect combination of the singer Alexia’s melodious voice. At the end of the night everyone left the village with the unique memory of the epic ‘Kasteli’.

At the Ifestia festival, it wasn’t the destruction which followed the volcanic eruption that was celebrated. It was the renaissance through our rich cultural heritage.

The magical voice of the soprano Ioanna Karamolegou, who was born in Santorini, accompanied wonderfully the unique spectacle of the volcanic eruption, making the experience even more intense! Due to a completely different and unique approach, the event was almost like a real volcanic eruption. It should be mentioned that any kind of material used, was harmless for the volcano, its surrounding area and the sea. Among others, the aim was for the event to broadcast its values and to raise environmental awareness.

Ifestia 2015 is now officially an international event with its own values and dynamic, its own impulsion for development and evolution.

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