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Even though I’m a chef, I miss my grandmother’s cooking!

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I come from Ancient Mantineia, outside Tripolis. The best holiday I have ever had in Greece was in the summer of, I think, 2004. I lived permanently in America and had come with a Greek childhood friend. We went to Serifos and Sifnos. We were on the beach all day, enjoying the sun, the incredible food and having lots of fun.

The two things that a first time visitor to Serifos or Sifnos shouldn’t miss are the amazing beaches and remote, ramshackle little taverns. One thing that I will never forget from these holidays was a day in a chapel, at the highest point of the island, where we had climbed and watched the sunset. We had taken bread with us, bought at a very old bakery with a centenarian baker. The whole experience perfectly captured the quaint, picturesque nature of island life.

If I am asked what I believe makes people fall in love with Greece, I would say that undoubtedly it is the relaxed lifestyle and incredible climate.

What I wouldn’t change for the world, are the two best characteristics of Greece – how picturesque it is and the humour of its people.

I miss my grandmother’s cooking. My grandmother, though an amateur cook, had a natural intuition when it came to blending ingredients. This resulted in all her dishes being consistently flavoursome and balanced. She was, of course, from Smyrna!

The most recent destination I have been to is Rhodes. The next island I would like to visit is Mykonos. Funny, I know, but it just so happens I have never been. The ideal means of transport  to explore a new destination is, in my opinion, the moped, as long as you’re in good company, of course!

From every destination I visit I make sure to take back some local produce, such as cheese, spirits and pasta. I don’t usually buy what you would call typical souvenirs.