sh. Panathinaiko stadium (Kallimarmaro)

Athens Marathon – the mother of all races

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Jochen Schmitz
Running Magazine
Editor & Runner

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As a chief editor of Running Magazine, I am delighted to participate in the design and content of it for many years now. The Athens Marathon is still the mother of all races over 42,195 km. The runners who complete the full distance experience have the whole pleasure. A special emphasis should be placed on the marathon fire at the start, the enthusiastic audience next to the trail and for sure the phenomenal finish line at the Panathinaiko Stadium.

The combination of art and modernity of Athens convey a particular charm on the city which almost every participant succumbs to. The developing street art scene in the capital is fascinating to see.

The interesting mix of Athenians and runners of the marathon impresses still afterwards.


Elodie Sillaro
Vital Magazine-
Journalist & Runner

I write articles about sports, wellness and nutrition. Vital is a magazine that invites you to get moving, workout using appropriate gear, eat healthily and feel good in your own skin. The magazine helps women who want to get into sports by giving them tips as well as those wanting to become better.

Running the 10k or the full 42k in Athens is a bit like retracing the steps of the soldier Phidippidès. The 10k gives a chance to discover the city and to see all the historical and cultural sports (opera, national library and the music hall). The first part of the race makes your heart rate go up and is great cardio; the end is just fun downhill running. What a joy to cross the finish line while having fun!

Athens is a rich and welcoming city. It’s not always easy to find your way in a city where the alphabet is so different from mine, but the people are so nice; they are always willing to help. The architecture of the city is beautiful.

I think the historical and cultural sites are a must for any visitor: The Acropolis, the Parthenon, the Museum of the Acropolis, the Panathenaic Stadium. Also: going up the panoramas of Athens to watch the sunset (facing the Acropolis and mount Lycabettus), having a Greek coffee in a traditional briki.

My memories of Athens include olives, feta, humus and most of all, my medal!