Hellas Film Box Berlin Festival

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Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

My heart is Greek, my mind is German- I am blessed twice!

The Greek heritage is within me and, wherever I go, the Aegean big blue inspires my eyes and dreams.


Where did the inspiration for the project Hellas Film Box Berlin come from and what are the festival goals?

The negative publicity about Greece has ruled German media for so long. We felt the need to showcase the other side of Greece, where a vivid artistic struggle takes place and creativity thrives.

We want to invite the German public to watch Greek films and witness the Greek artistic grace and modern culture.

Our goal is to achieve full house screenings, lively and respectful discussions between Germans and Greeks and the revival of the German-Greek friendship. That would be the greatest reward for us!



Could you please share with us a couple of highlights?

There a lot of interesting films, documentaries and shorts during the festival. “Little England”, by beloved Greek director Pantelis Voulgaris, will be the opening film and “Chevalier”, by Athina Rachel Tsangari, will close the curtains of Filmbox. James Chressanthis’ documentary “No subtitles necessary” about the two incredible cinematographers and artists László Kovács and Vilmos Zsigmond will have its German premiere at our Festival.

“Kisses to the children” by Vassilis Loules portrays the story of the “Hidden Children”- 5 Greek-Jewish children who were saved by Christian families during the German Occupation. Our short film section covers culture-clash comedies such as “Bread and Olives” as well as “Downhill”, by Stelios Kammitsis, where a mother tries to come to terms with her son’s sexuality.

My personal recommendation is also “Medeas”, the debut feature of Andrea Pallaoro – a striking, poetic, modern version of the Greek myth of Medea.


Could you please tell us what inspires you as an actress about a Greek holiday destination and experience?

Well, one cannot deny that the Greek islands offer a unique holiday destination. When I visit Greece it feels like I am going back home. It is a unique landscape and it is connected with my childhood memories.

You know, the Greek heritage is within me and, wherever I go, the Aegean big blue inspires my eyes and dreams.

Moreover, the clash of ancient plays staged by current directors in ancient Greek theatres, such as Epidaurus, is one of the most inspiring and breathtaking experiences I have had. My first trip up to the Meteora monasteries has also been something so unique and special that I will never forget.