Tales of Anafi

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It rose from the sea on the command of Apollo himself, when the Argonauts were in peril crossing the Aegean Sea. Its name is Anafi. It’s a small Cycladic island, east of Santorini. A hospitable, little island with only one hamlet – Hora – and a harbor, Saint Nikolas.

Your heart skips a beat with the expectation of what you will discover on the tiny island, which the boat reaches at four o’clock in the morning. A few lights are on in Hora, which looks down onto the Aegean Sea.

It is a hamlet of white-washed alleyways, houses with domes and flowery gardens. Footpaths lead to unspoilt beaches, where you become one with nature and the golden sand, where you can really feel the breath of freedom when you dive into the cool, magical, azure waters!

Your heart skips a beat with the expectation of what you will discover on the tiny island, which the boat reaches at four o’clock in the morning.

Climbs lead to places of historical, cultural or environmental significance. Ascending Kalamos – the high rock inaccessible by sea and difficult to access by land – and the old Kalamiotissa at 460 meters altitude is a unique experience.

I climbed up there one afternoon. It took an hour and a quarter and I must confess there were a few rather dangerous spots. Many choose to spend the night up there in sleeping bags in order to admire the incomparable sunrise!

However, I left this sight for another visit because you should always leave something for next time, as they say.

I will never forget the images of the Aegean from the wonderful balcony of my room, as the sun was preparing to sink into the sea, painting it mauve. Magic moments, where you deposit your dreams and call out, “This is Greece!”

These colours, unique in the world, the light of the Aegean, the one you fall in love with and want to keep with you, like a charm.
A dream of a sunrise, the warm energy from the sun rays, the blue sky, the enchanting sunset and a sky embroidered with millions of stars.
Greece, with your unique culture, your history and aromas, your flavours, people and hospitality, your smile!

Greece, with your red mullet just out of the frying pan, ouzo by the sea, Greek coffee boiled over the embers, enjoyed in a traditional café while listening to the tales of the old men.

Authentic images, indelible, inviting and challenging you to unfold the map yet again and look up your next destination. From Evros, Macedonia and Thrace to the Ionian, the Sporades, my beloved Cyclades, Crete and the Dodecanese. By sea or air, by car, motorcycle or train, every corner of Greece has so many secrets well worth discovering.

Holiday essentials are a beach sarong, flip flops, shorts and a hat, and, if you so wish, a swimsuit. Also a camera and … good company! Finally, as a souvenir, I pack pebbles and driftwood from the island beaches and, I almost forgot, chimes for the balcony.