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Speak Greek in March

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Digital Strategist, Trainer & Mentor, Institute of Excellence


I live in Melbourne, Australia. My father was born in Sisani, Kozani and my mother in Karpenisi, Miriki. I love to travel and my hobbies involve enjoying new travel experiences with my family. I also love my work helping businesses reach their full potential. I have been building my business for two years now and loving all of the opportunities that have presented themselves. Speak Greek in March (SGM) is one of those opportunities and when I was asked to contribute my digital marketing expertise in the 2016 SGM campaign I did not hesitate for a second to get involved.


Speak Greek in March Campaign

Speak Greek in March was conceived in order to stimulate the Greek community, the school system and government to give greater priority to the speaking, learning and teaching of the Greek language. The initiative is now in its second year, and an exciting concept was developed to ensure a heightened interest every day  throughout March. This involved identifying 31 themes, one for each day of the month. The themes vary from simple topics like the ”alphabet”, “arithmetic” and “grammar” to “philosophy”, “politics”, “economics”, “the Olympics” and “mythology” to name but a few. All the themes chosen are English words  which have their origin in the Greek language. While the campaign originated here in Melbourne, it has quickly spread to other parts of Australia and overseas. To find out more about the campaign visit  Here is also an interview that the Organising Committee’s convenor, Mike Zafiropoulos, gave to Themi Kallos on SBS Greek Radio, who have also joined this year’s campaign by conducting daily interviews with acclaimed guests who specialise and can elaborate further on our chosen theme for the day.

For two entire weeks, I felt I was living in a postcard


Favourite holidays in Greece & cherished memories!

Oh dear! I am getting emotional! I came to Australia when I was almost 9. When I went back to Greece for the first time on my own I was 22. Before travelling north to visit my grandmother, reunite with some family members and meet others for the first time, I enjoyed a few days in Athens and then took the ferry to Mykonos, followed by Paros and Santorini. For two entire weeks, I felt I was living in a postcard. It could not have been more perfect. Three years ago, I returned to Santorini with my young family and it was like the first time again; awe inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful.


Greek Islands

Never pass up the opportunity of a visit to the Greek Islands. They are absolutely unmissable!  And if you can only make it to one, it has to be Santorini. It should be on everyone’s bucket list!


Funny experience

When I was on Corfu, my uncle took me for a drive around the island and I noticed the name Δημο everywhere. At the end of the day I asked “ so tell me whο is this Δημο guy that owns almost every street on this island?” My uncle couldn’t stop laughing when he explained Δημο is not a person it is the municipality!



Unforgettable impression

I don’t have a specific one as the entire experience was unforgettable. Having said that, the quiet moments sitting at a cliff top restaurant enjoying great food whilst overlooking the Aegean Sea are very hard to beat!


Fall in love with Greece

I think the history, culture, traditions, food, music and unique experiences make people fall in love with Greece. I would never change the food. I love Greek food.


Favourite food

Moussaka, a good Greek salad and my mum’s prasopita are what I crave the most. They are delicious!


Next place to visit in Greece

The most recent destination I have visited is the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia and the next place I would like to visit in Greece is Halkidiki in the north of Greece.


Favourite mode of transport

I managed a hot air balloon business for many years and so I have developed a love for experiencing a destination from above, floating with the clouds – now that’s something I would love to do in Greece one day!


Travelling alone or with friends/family?

I love all variations!


My most prized souvenirs are our photos

Must have on holiday

A great book to read!


Souvenirs from Greece

Because we lived in Greece when we were very young there are still a lot of photos and family belongings that I treasure. The last time I visited I came home with a suitcase full of table cloths, pillow cases and bedspreads my grandmother had embroidered. Before I had children, I was fanatical about bringing home something unique from the destination I visited. These days, my most prized souvenirs are our photos.