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Thasos: the whole world in one island

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Painter – Art Teacher


Back in 2007, the first year I was appointed as a teacher in secondary education, I had to declare the prefectures of my preference and serve in one of them. I happened to be sent to the prefecture of Kavala, specifically to Thasos.

To be honest, the idea that I would have to live there for at least a year initially felt alien to me since I had been used to the comforts and facilities that Athens has to offer.

I soon began to realize I was entering a special kind of heaven

My base was going to be the town of Limenaria in the southern part of the island. I still have a vivid memory of the sea gulls flying off with biscuits they had pecked from my hand on the journey from the port of Kavala to Prinos, on Thasos. I soon began to realize I was entering a special kind of heaven.

I settled down in Limenaria, in a house literally a breath away from the sea. I started working in the local secondary school and  with every passing day I bonded more and more with the place and its people.

I won’t forget

The countless walks from the alpine-like mountains and the summits of Ipsario or Psario to the sea that touches the pine trees.

Sunday lunch with friends and colleagues in the mountain village Kazaviti.

The white Thasos marble that makes the pebbles on beaches, such as Paradisos and Saliara, look like they come from another planet.

The density of its wonderful fauna.

When I close my eyes

I imagine being in a car, starting out on a round trip of the island with the endless sea reflecting the golden sunset while after each turn I anticipate the next view that will paint pine and olive trees, the sea, rock and sky on the canvas of my mind.

Favourite dish

The best octopus I have ever had. Made with loving care in the local taverns of Limenaria, with the freshest ingredients and the scent of the sea.
I brought back

A newly hatched fish from the mountain lake of Maries, now living in my aquarium.

Next destinations

Somewhere I’ve been before. Tinos, the island I associate with peace and quiet, and Elafonisos, to admire its emerald waters and walk among the sand dunes with my wife, leaving our footprints everywhere.