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Why I love Greece…

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I feel like I live in the most beautiful place in the world. That is maybe one reason why after seven years of living in Greece, I am still awed by what I encounter on my journeys.  I love the green lush landscapes, the turquoise seas, the unique terrain and the incredible islands. Finally, it’s also what I learn, from the culture to the language, to whom I meet. I appreciate the wonderful warmness of the Greek people.

As a travel writer and blogger, I have adopted Greece into my profession and I love writing about her and promoting her as a destination.  I have my family here, my friends. Greece for me is a source of unending inspiration for my work and my life.  So, yes, I do live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

I like to joke that I’m in love with every Greek beach, but actually I am!


Athens: A New Hometown

I was born in Brooklyn and grew up on Long Island, so I will always be a proud New Yorker. The thing is, Athens has become my second home. I love its vibrant contrasts, hidden beauties and exciting corners. The best restaurants and bars need to be found or stumbled upon. It’s a place where two-hour coffee breaks make sense.  It’s where people love to be out and be with others.  It’s where the breathtaking views of the city’s eternal monument the Acropolis, still makes my heart skip a beat.

It’s a small city compared to New York, and I love that. The center, where I live, has its own urban pace.  It’s a rhythm I’ve become accustomed to as the unfamiliarity of Greece has become familiar. Athens is an amazing city full of stories, full of its own unique vibe –  a vibe that has won me over and inspired me to write my first novel called Chasing Athens.

My Favorite Islands

I’ve grown a soft spot for the whitewashed Cycladic isles and adore getting to know them. After all these years, I can claim one!  My family frequents Serifos the most, so I’ve gotten to know the faces and places of the off-the-beaten-track island.  I adore Serifos’ natural wonders.


Why We Love Greece

I think people fall in love with Greece for its simple beauties.  Things don’t really need to be complicated here to enjoy life. The formula Greeks cherish: good company, some home cooked food, a bottle of wine and a view to appreciate.  The panoramas from city, to country to island are simply outstanding. The colors of Greece are unforgettable. When you visit Greece you can have it all: excellent food, beautiful sights, great weather, culture, history and hospitality. All of the experiences I’ve had traveling this country inspired me to start my own travel blog, Travel Greece, Travel Europe.


Summer has arrived when the warm turquoise sea envelops me at its best beaches

Where I Was/Where I am Going

In January, I visited Edipsos, the thermal spa town on Evia island to stay at Thermae Syllae Wellness Spa. I adored the natural thermal spring experience, the incredible treatments and hospitality. The setting is so relaxing, a place with fantastic ancient history.

I will be traveling to Crete for the first time this spring.  All these years, I’ve been hearing about its uniqueness, its differences from mainland Greece and its strong culture.  I’m sure it will be inspirational.

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  • Michael McCool

    Love reading about Greece and feeling your enthusiasm…hoping to head there in about 3 weeks, and let the universe take me around the country for a month or two…thanks Marissa

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    Wondeful article from a fellow lover of Greece. :-)

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    The way you wright your discriptions of Greece is through you have been there your whole life. Beautiful discriptions best wishes young lady

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    In love with this country and have been visited it a few time back like just after my Jersey City to Thousand Islands Tour, and i am sure that it would be something really great to try for sure.