Αn ode to Greek summer

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Αctor, writer & producer


My name is Yannis Simonides and I am 69 years old. I was born in Istanbul, I grew up in Athens and I have been living and working in both Greece and the USA since 1965. As a citizen of the world, actor, writer and producer I love to promote and present my wares and those of my colleagues in the seven corners of the world. Greek plays, literary events, poetry and music, docu-dramas, performance arts, in the languages of the world (ellinikotheatro.org).

This year, I had the chance to present my work “Socrates Now” for the guests of Celestyal Cruises. In fact I had the opportunity to perform for a really excellent audience, overlooking the blue of Aegean Sea.


This famous, unique blue of Greece is able to steal every show and fill our heart with energy and tranquility. And throughout our trip, the beauty of the Greek islands unfolded. Breathtaking Santorini passes the torch to cosmopolitan Mykonos. Apocalyptic Patmos is followed by romantic Milos.

Countless and unique destinations. The ship travelled at night and in the morning we were at a brand new place. The change of scenery was fantastic. Every day a different view and every view an ode to Greek summer.



Every day a different view and every view an ode to Greek summer

What has made this experience special? Beautiful destinations that highlighted the authenticity of our cruise, enough time to get a taste of them, friendly service, good food, creative mix of aural and visual experiences, serious theatre, exuberant dance, song, parties, you name it.

Authentic and rich Greek hospitality at its best.