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My Passion for Greece

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Greece has been my home, forever — 23 years and counting.

Having moved to Athens in the early 90s with my parents for work reasons, what was only supposed to be a temporary stay became a lifetime commitment. If you ask me what my Passion for Greece is, simple — how can you not love the soul of the Mediterranean! The climate, the diversity, the landscapes and, best of all, its people!

I have studied hospitality management and worked in the tourism industry for over a decade, what I can tell you is that Greece has all the potential to be the number one tourism destination in the world. Ask anyone, they will agree!

My greatest passion is travel and as a travel blogger a few years back while I was making videos of my travels in Côte d’Azur, a friend visiting from Abu Dhabi made one simple remark — “Why would you want to promote Cannes – when you have this!” Ηe was referring to the Athenian Riviera.

It inspired me to create a blog dedicated only to promoting my Passion for Greece.


The Athenian Riviera – home is where the heart is

I feel truly blessed to be living in one of the best rivieras in the world. It takes me about 7 minutes walking from my house and I find myself on the beach in Athens. I really believe that the Hellinikon project will bring the Athenian Riviera the attention it deserves!  Just think that cities like Dubai are built in a desert when we have been blessed with natural beauty, endless coastlines and ideal climate.

Athens is a lot more than just the Acropolis and visitors should definitely extend their stay here. Athens is the perfect all year round city break destination.

The Athenian Riviera in the summer is a paradise on earth. Summer nights spent in Vouliagmeni are priceless; enjoy a relaxing day on the Astir beach; watch the sunset sipping an evening cocktail at Matsuhisa, Astir Palace Resort and dance the night away at Island Club Restaurant, one of the best nightclubs in the world. The location is remarkable, but don’t just take my word for it!

How can you not love the soul of the Mediterranean!


My summers in Antiparos

Growing up in Greece, every summer until I was about 16 years old, I would spend at least two weeks of my summer holidays and many Easters on Antiparos. Antiparos holds a very special place in my heart; a small, picturesque island which was not exposed to mass tourism. Everyone on the island knew everyone, it was like visiting your family. My favourite part of the holiday was the boat rides to the secluded beaches, Captain Pipinos tavern and fresh lobster spaghetti which we had at the house for lunch.


Greece is its people

Why everyone loves Greece?

Simple, authentic hospitality! No really, I have interviewed and spoken to so many people from all corners of the world, and what makes the strongest impression on everyone who visits Greece is its people. Greek people give from the heart. They will open their arms and very often their homes to you and offer you the best they have. In Greece, sharing is caring — really!