Karpathos, a favourite destination

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I find it really difficult to choose my best holidays ever. Every summer and every destination in Greece always leaves me with wonderful memories. However, one destination that I did not expect to be so thrilled by is Karpathos, with its wild landscapes, unique Olympos village and, of course, some of the best beaches I have ever been to.


Best experiences on the island


A visit to Olympos is at the top of my list. Not only does it command stunning views of its surroundings, but it also gives you a window on old world Greece as women in the village often choose  their traditional costumes over more modern attire. A dip in the inviting waters of  Diakoftis  and  Mikri Ammoopi beaches should also be on the agenda.  It goes without saying that the beaches Apella, Ahata and Kira Panagia are equally gorgeous.But if I had to reserve one special place in my heart, it would be for the fantastic beach of Agios Minos. When it comes to the evening’s entertainment,  Pigadia, the capital of the island, is where it’s at. There’s no better place for food than “Orea Karpathos” tavern and then it has to be “Anoi” café bar for an after dinner drink.


On Karpathos I have lived the best summertime moments of my life. The best nighttime swim, the most beautiful sunset, the best road trip, the best spots for mountain biking or hiking. Karpathos offers it all! On one of my visits to Olympos, after exploring the village, my friends and I decided to climb up a slope where there are some old windmills. From there, the view of the whole island was something else.


I’d like to make a final mention of the special cuisine on Karpathos. There are two dishes I really crave. One is the fresh cheese “Manouli”, the other is their own tasty omelette with “tsimetes”, a kind of asparagus that grows on the island.



Aegean Islands


I like discovering Greece by car. I always travel with a group of friends and, when possible, I also bring my dog, Grappa. My last trip was to the gorgeous island of Patmos. This was my first visit and I liked it a lot. My next trip will be to Nisyros and, although I have been there before, I can’t wait!  One destination I also have in mind is Antikythera which I hope to manage to visit soon.


I hardly ever buy souvenirs, perhaps because I record the best moments with my camera, so I come back home with several photographs that keep the memories alive.


If there is something I love about Greece…

… that would be the priceless Greek light and climate, delicious food and hospitable, smiling people.