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Magical Crete

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Swimwear Designer and Business Woman


Family vacation

I’m from USA. I was born in New Jersey and have a holiday home in Florida, which is my favourite place to go when I get time for a vacation. However, I have lived in Europe since I was 18; first  Paris, then Rome and I am now permanently based in London and loving every minute of it!

Something that would be out of the question for me to miss out on is the quality time spent with my husband and kids when I go to Florida; no work, no school, absolutely no distractions! I also get the chance to see my extended family who live in the States. As you might have gathered by now, family is definitely the most important thing to me.

My Crete

A few weeks ago, I stayed at the Blue Palace Resort & Spa in Crete, as I’ve launched a pop-up shop there for the summer and wanted to be there for the opening. The scenery was breathtaking; I love the dramatic contrast between the sea and the islands. I also shot my SS15 collection lookbook at Amanzoe  in Porto Heli, yet another stunning location !

In Greece you really are spoilt for choice!

I’ve done many photo shoots in Greece and they are always so much fun! You work with a great group of people made up of models, photographers and the beauty team, you always get the feeling of being a family and always end up doing crazy stuff after dark like going swimming and dancing the night away in the villa – it’s a great way to let off steam after a long day!

As for a most memorable Greek spot, I would say it’s the island of Spinalonga in front of Blue Palace Resort & Spa; just  incredible. It has the feeling of old Greece and looks magical at night when it’s lit up.




Blue like no other

I don’t know whether I’ve just been lucky, but the weather has never let me down when I’ve been visiting. The people are also so friendly and I’m obsessed with the transparent sea; crystalline blue waters are the most beautiful thing.


Santorini with a Vespa

I’ve just got back from Miami Swim Week where I was showing my SS17 collection before it launches later this year. Miami is so much fun and, as always, I had a crazy and eventful time. The next place I’d like to visit in Greece is Santorini. It’s such a stunning island and the contrast of  blue and white buildings are picture perfect!

And then, as for getting around, it’s got to be a Vespa every time – so much fun!


Summer Essentials

And such trips always call for a classic white bikini, ideal for showing off the tan. This season I’m loving my over the shoulder Mexican style; the gold trimming makes it look really chic.


From Greece with love

In Greece, there’s a certain type of blue bracelet which protects against bad vibes and the so-called ‘evil eye’. I’ve been collecting them for years and never take them off – in fact I love them so much I now sell them in my boutiques.