Romeikos Yalos or partial view of Myrina

A taste of… Lemnos

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Welcome to my island, the beautiful and special Lemnos!

First of all my advice to you is to spend at least one week here so you have enough time to get to know it and give it a proper chance to calm and relax you. Divide your stay between at least two different places so the distances seem shorter. Spend one half of your holiday on the western side, with the capital Myrina, and the other on the eastern side, the area of Moudros.

Myrina, Panagia Kalaviotissa and the thermal baths

Just after you set out on your discovery of the nature and the landscapes of the island, you must first stop off at the Castle of Myrina, towering over the edge of the city and filling us Greeks with pride at the achievement of our ancestors. Just outside Myrina you will find the church of Panagia Kakaviotissa. I am not just sending you there on a pilgrimage (which may or may not be to your preference) but I AM expecting you to be enchanted by the unspoilt scenery around it… and of course to take that famous selfie in the only roofless church in Greece. Yes, it has no roof, built as it is on a highly hospitable rock of Kakkavos hill.

Are you into thermal baths and spas? The therapeutic waters of the Therma spring and the ever friendly employees will help you relax and revitalize. There you can also get to feel the healing powers of Lemnia Gi, a type of clay found exclusively on Lemnos.

Beaches, of course, but a desert …?

Ready for some off-road adventure? There’s always the famous sand dunes; the only desert in Greece and one of two in Europe (the other is on the south coast of Spain). A dense carpet of smooth sand decorated with bushes of various types are bound to bring out a child-like urge to run and tumble. When you’re done with the fun and frolics, make sure you dine at “To Flomari” tavern.

Like every other Greek island, Lemnos has a lot of magical beaches. You can swim off a different one each day, be it the well-frequented organized variety or something more secluded, where you can be totally on your own, even at the height of the summer. If you enjoy making a splash with your water sports skills, the island also fits the bill. Four modern water sports schools await you on the beaches of Keros and Lyhna for you to enjoy your hobby safely and freely.



Archaeological sites and history

Over on the eastern side of the island, you should make a point of visiting the three most significant archaeological sites. Even those of you without a burning interest in this sort of thing cannot fail to be impressed by their startling location and the part they played in the history of the land.

First on the itinerary is the ancient theatre of Hephaestia, a remnant of one the two ancient cities which once guarded the shoreline. The theatre now looks out over the calm waters of the Aegean guarding the secrets of its storied past.

The ancient sanctuary of Kaveirion is your second archaeological stop-off. Visit the cave of Philoctetes and take a swim in its rock pools; a truly magical experience.

Complete your archaeological trilogy with a visit to Polyohni.  Its Bouleuterion, or parliamentary building, is said to be the oldest in Europe. Poliohni is known in some circles as “eptapolis”(the Greek word for ‘seven’ and ‘city’ combined) because seven successive cities were excavated there in seven consecutive layers. So many cities on top of one other obviously means it was a very popular site for habitation through the ages. This probably has something to do with the commanding views of the Aegean which add to the magic.

The locals

What you’ve read about so far is all well and good but, as everyone knows, any trip is unique not so much for the landscapes and nature as for the people you meet and the moments you live with them. On Lemnos, the people will share with you the passion for their land and, at least for a while, you too will be part of this land while discovering its rich tradition and culture. It is an authentic first-hand experience to share. Listen, look, taste, touch and smell. Here, it’s important to keep all five senses on the alert at all times and the locals will be with every step of the way!

The flavours

When it’s time to eat, you will find all sorts of taverns on the island mainly serving Greek cuisine. Go for the little ones for tasty delicacies and good company. You will find fresh fish and good wine everywhere on the island. Also keep in mind that in the small villages you will find the true tastes of Lemnos, lovingly prepared for you by the locals. Before you go, stock up on local products such as their famed cheese, kalathaki, as well as wine, pasta, honey and venizelika- chocolate fondant and brandy with a history!

In Lemnos you have to keep all five senses on the alert

If you want to get to know Lemnos in an authentic way and spend time with the locals, all you need to do is book a Taste Lemnos hands-on tourism experience. Cooking and wine tasting lessons, sunset picnics, horse riding and pottery with Lemnia Gi clay are but a few of your options. You can also get yourself a copy of “Taste Lemnos: The Book” either before you come to the island or during your stay to get better acquainted with Lemnos gastronomy and culture.