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Every season has its own charm and from spring right through to winter the landscape never stays the same, offering the visitor a collage of unforgettable images. Places of unique natural beauty will host every activity you love doing on the mountain; abseiling, hiking or climbing… Gather your friends, get all the right gear and off you go!

Hiking in Greece

To get to know the heart of Greece, you should definitely go hiking in nature. Whether it’s savouring the unique view from a monastery perched on a precipice, swimming in a secluded rock pool at the foot of a spectacular waterfall or discovering small mountain hamlets where the usual rules of time do not apply, there’s an adventure already carved out with your name on it. Such is the variety of scenery you will see on a single trail alone that it’s no wonder  hikers from all over are tripping over each other’s boot straps to get a piece of the action.

And don’t forget that international trails E4 and E6 cross Greece. Then there’s E4, which starts from Gibraltar and enters Greece via Bulgaria. Sweeping down the country from north to south and ending up in Githio in the Peloponnese, it resumes its course on Crete, covering the entire length of the island until Zakros at its eastern tip.

So set out now on your quest for countless trails, time-worn alleyways, forest treks on mainland and island. It’s time to get up close and personal with the wonders of Greek nature.


#1. Hiking on Mt Parnitha – Vasileios Nikas

A thirty-minute drive from the centre of Athens brings you to one of the densest and most beautiful expanses of mountain forest in and around the capital, where you can enjoy wild nature and wildlife, participate in sports activities or simply marvel at the dazzling view of the city sprawling below you.


#2. Hiking in Rovies – Evia – Marina

I knew that Rovies and Limni were perfect for summer holidays with endless beaches, great fresh fish and a huge variety of accommodation options. However, my visit to Rovies in the spring was something of a revelation.  There are just so many trails to follow and wherever I went I found myself surrounded by the virgin nature of Evia. I looked down and discovered thousands of different wild flowers. I looked up and saw butterflies and birds flying overhead. The temperature was ideal and I even ended up having a dip in the cool crystal waters of the Evoikos Gulf. My body and soul could not have asked for more.


#3. Beloi, steps of Vradeto – Vicky19101976

An easy hiking trail for the whole family! We set off from the chapel of Prophetes Helias, near Vradeto village, and we soon reach Beloi, where we admire the scale and magnificence of Vikos Gorge. We come back to Vradeto for a short coffee break in the traditional local café and then we mount the famous steps and tread the traditional stone-paved footpath which connects the highest Zagori village with the other villages in the area. Our hike comes to an end in a fairytale landscape near the village of Kapesovo, a worthy representative of the beauty of these twinkling beacons of authentic mountain life.


#4. Exploring the waterfall – Zoe Pap


What a delightful surprise when an impromptu stroll led to the discovery of two fantastic waterfalls in Agia Sophia, near Thermo, Aitoloakarnania… Add a drop of pure water to pure nature and you get perfection!


#5. Mt Olympus – Michalis Sideratons


Does climbing Mt Olympus seem like a …mountain of hard work to you? Well, there are really only three steps. The first is the start. The second is the one that takes you to the refuge just before the summit. And the last one takes you right to the top, where you become a naturalized citizen of the land of the gods. And the fact that there is a little climbing in between? Come on… this is the fun part!


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