South Rhodes: The dazzling side of the island

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C.O.O & Board Member Hatzilazarou Hotels Collection


Beloved by so many and the originator of countless summer stories and memories, Rhodes always manages to “weave” the kind of tales that stay with you until summer comes round again. Its harbor, its Old Town, the Valley of the Butterflies, its beaches, its nightlife and Lindos… all contribute to the wonder of this special place.

And yet Lindos signals the beginning of another, gripping and extremely revealing story, that of South Rhodes, a story I have the privilege to share with the H-Hotels Collection guests every summer.

The famous acropolis, the picturesque alleyways and the amazing beach of Agios Pavlos are the first enticements for a trip to South Rhodes. It really has an aura all of its own, distinguishing it from the rest of the island. A few miles after Lindos, the listed village of Asklipios, with its traditional little dwellings, takes you back in time and its castle offers you an incredible view to the infinite Aegean and the expansive coastline of Kiotari, the most elegant resort on Rhodes. Here the fine sand of the beach meets the authentic Rhodian hospitality of H-Hotels, turning your holiday into the trip of a lifetime.

The traditional village of Laerma, nestled in a luscious green forest, welcomes you to its wondrous nature and offers you hospitality in the largest monastery on Rhodes, the Holy Monastery of Thaxiarhis Michael of Tharri.  There is sheer majesty in the waterfalls, conifer forests and rich flora and fauna of the Skala area in Agios Thomas, while the Monastery of Panagia Skiadeni allows you to feast your eyes on views across the Apollakia bay, the Arkamitis mountain range and to the nearby island of Karpathos.

There are places in this world which require a passion for exploration; sights well off the conventional tourist’s radar.  The castle of Monolithos is definitely one of them, an essential experience for all those driven by the urge to discover. The well-tended yards of the stone houses and the steep alleyways of its surrounding village lead you up the hillside to the Medieval castle itself. And when you feel like a dip in refreshing crystalline waters, the wonderful beach of Fourni beckons you in.

Secluded tropical beaches, with cedars trees tipping their leaves to the emerald waters, coves with fine sand and pebbly beaches make up the most pristine and enchanting coastline on the island, unraveling all the way to Prasonisi, where nature offers up another of its miracles.

Rhodes always manages to “weave” the kind of tales that stay with you until summer comes round again

The tiny island, connected to Rhodes by a thin strip of land, is a truly unique destination. The landscape conjures two exotic sandy beaches, one with calm, tranquil waters and the other with spectacular wind-powered waves, giving you a little paradise and a favourite surfers’ spot all in one.

In fact, Prasonisi perfectly encapsulates the beauty and charm of southern Rhodes, a sumptuous setting for all your perfect summer moments.