10 out-of-this-world destinations in Greece

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Places that look as if they’ve been taken out of a film set. Breathtaking landscapes of such power and beauty that they can sweep your feet from beneath you. Ten out-of-this-world destinations in Greece invite and challenge you to discover them!



Huge vertical rocks that rise out of the plain; great granite statues sculpted by prehistoric rivers, with monasteries perched on their peaks and in their caves since the 11th century. The sight of these brooding leviathans induces awe in all who stand before them and makes you question whether you might have stepped into the realms of fantasy.


Athos peninsula

Mount Athos

On the most rugged easternmost peninsula of Halkidiki, religion has its very own stronghold: Agio Oros is the second most important religious destination after Jerusalem for more than 300 million Orthodox Christians all over the world. The view of the sun setting in the sea from up high has a divinity to match the surroundings.


Mt Olympus


You come here on a single mission, to sit on Zeus’ throne, with all of Greece at your feet. In Central Greece, the most majestic mountain, Olympus, invites you to discover its magic and wild beauty along its footpaths, in all its hidden glades, under the shade of its tall trees and mysterious rocky crevices, until you walk among the clouds, rewarded with a gods-eye view of the area for miles around.


Thasos – Giola


On Thasos, the island of the Sirens, there is a natural pool known as Giola entreating you to take a dip. The blue of the sea, the green of the pines, and the azure of the sky make it look like a painting and you will wish that time could stand still to hold you in this ecstasy indefinitely.




Two lakes at high altitude, where the frontiers of three countries converge beneath the waters. The birds, fish and animals, of course, need no visa or passport to enjoy the freedom of this exquisite area, known as Prespa in all languages and revered as a veritable ark of culture and life of all kinds.


Mani – Vathia


Thousands of camera clicks capture the cluster of Mani towers in Vathia. The settlement is famed for its beauty and constitutes a monument to the architectural tradition of Mani. The fact that the village is almost entirely deserted only adds to the air of mystery and growing anticipation to hear all the great tales associated with this area of raw nature and earthy character.




Rocks daubed with the palette of ancient volcanic upheaval tumble into the blue of the sea, creating caves, pools and craters of all shapes and sizes. Combine this with the sparseness of vegetation and the prevailing alabaster tones and you’re presented with a moonlike landscape that makes quite an impression.


Kilkis – Skra Waterfalls


The revitalizing power of nature in all its glory. Leave the car behind, put on some comfortable shoes, pack some food and walk downhill to see the impressive Skra waterfalls amongst the plane trees. A unique spectacle!


Chania – Samaria gorge

samaria canyon Chania

A few kilometres away from Chania, the Samaria gorge – aka Faragas- challenges you to test your mettle in an unprecedented experience of beauty and stamina. It is the longest and most world famous canyon on Crete. Set aside one day to do justice to its 18km and Cretan nature will reveal itself to you in all its glory. You may even catch a glimpse of the Cretan ibex, a rare mountain goat that’s just as fond of trekking here as you will be. The adventure gets the adrenaline pumping right from the word go with a 3-metre wide path teetering on a precipice with a 300-metre drop!


Kefalonia – Melissani

Famous melissani lake on Kefalonia island - Greece

You board the boat and feel like you’re floating on a cushion of air. You look up at the opening where the sunlight comes in and find yourself overcome with  awe. The ethereal, other-worldly beauty of this cave is incomparable.