Rhodes: Authentic, Hospitable, Exciting

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Managing Director COLOSSOS S.A.


Authentic, hospitable and always full of experiences, Rhodes has rightfully won over the love and loyalty of thousands of tourists from all over the world. Its landscapes and coastline are enchanting, its history is enthralling and its cuisine reflects the fact that it has long been a crossroads between many cultures. As for its people, they are warm-hearted and welcoming. They speak as they find and they are faithful to their many traditions, but they are also open to anything new. In short, they love their island and will easily make you love it too.

Every inch of Rhodes exudes a charming, alluring personality. Its endless beaches, some quiet and secluded, others teeming with life and vitality, offer moments of relaxation and delight in the Greek summer. One of the best preserved medieval settlements, the Old Town of Rhodes, is worn like a “coat of arms” by the island, a worthy vestige of its momentous, at times mysterious, history. Its traditional character is reflected in villages such as Koskinou, which stands out for the vivid use of colour so representative of its folk architecture. The warm baths of Kallithea, since the time of the Italian occupation, have lent themselves to a relaxing dive or two followed by a little palm-shaded siesta. Cosmopolitan, modern, traditional, spectacular and unspoilt, Rhodes constitutes a unique island landscape in the Aegean.

The Amada Colossos Resort fits perfectly into the picture, with its vision to make a “resort” and a “holiday experience” one and the same. Luxurious, friendly and authentic, the Amada Colossos Resort borrows from the glamour, values and characteristics of Rhodes and encompasses the magic of the island; a magic that it gracefully instils in every one of its guests. Its sandy beach invites you to feel the caring caress of the Mediterranean sun.

The Amada Colossos Resort fits perfectly into the picture, with its vision to make a “resort” and a “holiday experience” one and the same

You can step from the sea to one of its spacious swimming pools and maintain the aquatic ambience by plunging into the pleasure of its own water park; fun, thrills and refreshment is available to all! The characteristic Rhodian flavours, courtesy of pure local produce, promise mouth-watering moments the like of which you may never have experienced before. Above all, its warm hospitality is inexhaustible, available day or night, meeting your every expectation.

The Amada Colossos Resort, like a faithful knight of the Rhodes of old, takes great pleasure in serving you and, at the same time, upholds the uniqueness and timeless charm of this wonderful island.